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Weekly Gif Round-up

Gif Round-Up

The Oscars happened which I think means the end of awards season! YAY!

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Chat Time: MOBFD Academy Awards Extravanganza

Welcome to the MOBFD Chat Time Oscar Extravaganza. I am joined by Nastyemu, Saturnian, SpecialK,  & Truckasaurus. We go live, straight to the red carpet.

Chris Trash: sup, sat, truck, nasty

Nastyemu: hi trash

Chris Trash: who do you think is going to win the Oscar for best movie?

Nastyemu: I, Frankenstein

Chris Trash: you don’t have a chance, frank

Nastyemu: :(

Chris Trash: sorry to break it to you like this

Chris Trash: see, I think it comes to this, directing vs. acting and writing. And until Topher Grace makes a mashup of the two, we have to decide which makes a better movie. WE have to. Gravity has directing on lockdown but 12YAS has that acting/writing

Nastyemu: I don’t get how best director and best picture can go to different movies

Special K entered the room.

Nastyemu: hey k

Chris Trash: Hey, K, who wins the Oscar, writing and acting or directing? 12 Years a Slave has a better story but it could also be told just as effectively in TV, Book form, etc. Gravity is all about the directing.

Special K: what is the best part of the Oscars?

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Weekly Gif Round-up

Gif Round-Up

The Olympics are over so our NBC shows are back!

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Weekly Gif Round-up

Gif Round-Up

Most of our shows were repeats but we still managed to make it through the week. Congrats!

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Chat Time: Koko & Random Internet Stuff

One of our newest authors, Koko, is a western lowland gorilla using an experimental gorilla hand sign translator. She usually posts video of animals and comments on the video. I wanted to get to know her better, so I had a quick conversation with her via chat. This is the transcript.

CT: Good morning, Koko.

Koko: hi. koko. eat. yum. yum. belly.

CT: Oh, I’m sorry. Did I caught you at a bad time, should I come back later?
Koko: no. chris. stay. friend. koko. eat. good orange. done. chris. want. orange?
CT: I’m good. But I did have a few questions, if you don’t mind.
Koko: koko. answer. koko. know. good. know. ask. me. you.
CT: can I ask anything?
Koko: ask. nice. question. happy. koko. koko. chris. friends. bad. question. koko. poop. chris. chris. full. poop. ouch. chris. poop. face.
CT: If I ask bad questions you’re going to throw poop at my face? I thought that was more of a monkey thing.
Koko: no. pigeons. holes. koko.
CT: Okay. So, Koko, what do you think about the unrest in Ukraine?
Koo: bad. question. no. bad. talk. good. no. bad.koko. no. like. think. sanctions. koko. think. future. ukranian. people. ask. nice. questions. koko. no. care. hayden. pannetiere. boy. brother. there. no.care.
CT: So, no questions about the War in Afghanistan nearing 13 years?
Koko: koko. ready. throw. poop. chris. make. koko. angry. grrr. happy. question. now.
CT: Fair, enough. What do you think about this huge cat, he’s huge no?
Koko: haha. big. cat. fur.
CT: You know, Koko, I had a 20 lb cat.(RIP) He loved deviled eggs.
Koko: what. r.i.p. mean?
CT: he…um..he moved out.
Koko: sad. sad. frown. grow. up. fast.
CT: what do you think of the concept of hashtag transcending Twitter? Do you think it has a shot of entering normal lexicon in an unironic way? I think that, as a concept, it holds real value.
Koko: hash. tag. who. care.
CT: umm, did you see the fish who likes to photobomb divers?
Koko: haha. silly, girl. make. duck. lips. fish. good. picture.
Koko: koko. see. many. animal. rabbits. godzilla. chemical. boom. many.  no. give. chemical. devil. beak. bite.
Koko: More. animals. happy.
CT: did you see the video of the dog saving a baby from going into the sea?
Koko: haha. silly. baby. man. why. people. record. no. help? koko. angry. save. baby. man. baby. man. no swim. maybe. fake. potato?
CT. Maybe. You know, that reminds me of my German cousin. I showed him a viral video and to help me figure out if it was fake. He shot out a bunch of german words really fast but I heard him say “fake” distinctly. Do you think that means that faking Internet videos is a global issue? Is it man’s desire to live in a more magical world or man’s desire for attention?
Koko: … paw. soft.
Koko: pineapple. bite.
CT: No offense, Koko, but I think next week I’m going to get a human for the chat.
Koko: horse. shoe.
CT: Okay. See you next time, koko. Take care.
Koko: bye. chris. friend. koko. hug. koko. kiss. koko smile. friend. blue.
CT: Chris smile friend blue, you too, koko.


flipper. neeed. hug. koko. hug. flipper.

[Ed. Note: Koko is a western lowland gorilla using an experimental gorilla hand signal translator.]

flipper. ouch. hurt. devil. ouch. cat. walk. army. man. ouch. look. diaper. ouch. koko hug. kiss. make better. koko question. catraption pun. why. news. no. say. robocat? no. say. this. kitten. has. wheels. frank. sinatra. voice?koko. think. more. topical. okay. koko. play. now. koko. go. happy. sun. happy. hug. potato.

Please Welcome Kelly Conaboy At Tribeca.com

Please welcome Kelly Conaboy to Tribeca dot com where she will write every Friday. #moresand